The spread of the token economy

The need for digital currency that can reduce the risk of foreign exchange loss and increase transaction convenience has grown even greater.
Meanwhile, the token economy is drawing attention as major domestic and foreign ICT compay are building a cryptocurrency-based ecosystem
It is a digital payment and settlement ecosystem based on a reward system.
As blockchains and cryptocurrencies, which seemed far from real life, come closer to the public, prices of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin are also moving.

Digital payment and a settlement ecosystem based on compensation system

In the token economy, rewards are paid for activities (spending, proof, etc.) whthin the platform through cryptocurrency.
Customers can use the tokens received as rewards to purchase products and services without an expiration date.
From the perspective of bussiness operators, since cryptocurrency itself is a payment and settlement network, there is little or no burden such as credit card payment fees.
It's a classic win-win situation.
In addition, token economy is a blockchain-based system, so the possibility of forgery or falsification of cryptocurrency or token is extreamly small, so both operators and customers can trade with confidence.

The payment settlement system

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Payment token

The act of resolving debt obligations by economic entities by means of payment is called payment settlement.
Paying the bill we use with a credit card, paying a monthly salary through a bank, or paying a mobile phone bill using the monthly automatic account transfer service are all examples of payment and settlement.

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Status as a payment method

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are gradually being adopted as payment methods, but the uncertainty of transaction cost is growing.

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Cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange

The reason why money has become a medium of exchange that replaces barter is that convenient to carry, broad acceptability.

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Attractiveness as a payment method from the user's point of view

From the user's point of view, it is more important to see how safe my money and personal information are when making a payment than through what system.


EasyPay aims to be a payment system that many users can easily use the payment platform and experts active transaction of EZPAY tokens by establishing the payment platform EasyPay that consumers want.

Token Allocation

Token Information

Token Name
Easy Pay Token
Token Symbol
Token Platform
Token Cap


Token Allocation

450,000,000 EZPAY
Legal / Accounting
150,000,000 EZPAY
Bussiness Operation
300,000,000 EZPAY
900,000,000 EZPAY
R & D
1,200,000,000 EZPAY
Total issurance
3,000,000,000 EZPAY


  • 2022. 2 Quarter

    Project team proposition
    Project website production and whitepaper production

  • 2022. 3 Quarter

    EZPAY issurance (Scheduled)
    EZPAY platform design completes (Scheduled)

  • 2022. 4 Quarter

    EZPAY platform development in progress
    EZPAY platform development complement (Scheduled)

  • 2023. 1 Quarter

    Completed construction EZPAY platform ecosystem (Scheduled)
    Completed EZPAY distribution and liquidity establishment (Scheduled)